Sad reflection


More often than not you hear of happy divorces and unhappy marriages,
less and less about the contrary.
This is our backward world
that tends to turn all natural and normal things the other way,
like in the horrors of George Orwell’s future world
which now already is a nightmare of the past
while nightmares of the present keep accelerating,
building up unto perhaps another Noah’s flood;
and where did love get lost and disappear
in the destructive course of history?
No, it was always there
but always under cover,
hiding to protect itself
and to survive, in spite of all, with difficulty,
but occasionally to give signs of life,
triumphing suddenly in beauty
mainly in the works of art
to prove and manifest eternity
in contrary to all the mortal vanity of history
and showing, that if man and history keeps killing life,
love always does the opposite
to always triumph in the end.


© aurelio 2023
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An interesting and yet potentially controversial piece I think! A lot of the content in this work is subject to personal opinion, which would open it wide to debate. For example, why shouldn’t a divorce be a happy one if the marriage was making people miserable? Why is marriage natural, as you seem to imply? And as for your reference to ‘another flood,’ – well that very much depends on whether you believe there ever was one in the first place!

Thought provoking.

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