The Tower King

A song based on a previous poem called Towers Above The Clouds: the tall office towers in LA often seem to be huge galleons of Mammon sailing above the smogs that choke the proles below. The new music video is at the end of the piece.




Naked you arrive

Into the troubles of this world

And as the hourglass turns

Then naked you return

As the clicking of her high heels

In your hallway fades and dies

As the clicking of her fingers

To the rhythm of your heart is how she flies.


Thoughtless you were forged

In all the fires of this world

Where every turning point

Became a lesson left unlearned

And the ticking of the time-bombs

Of your heartache never ends

And the ticking of your Rolex

Well, it never brings you lovers or new friends.


             You were always looking to find a way               

To Heaven’s door through a needle’s eye

Well, you have worked so bloody hard today

To climb the tallest tower that’s piercing the sky

Above the clouds that shroud the city

The sunshine lingers just for you

The sky is an impossible blue…




Heartless, you’ve ensured

There’s no justice in the world

Where every burning bush

Is just a scorch mark in the sand

Now the cracking of the fault lines

Shakes your tower and you fall

But the crackling of the phone lines

Means she never brought you comfort after all.

(c) 2016 all instruments, voices, lyrics and music by Paul D E Mitchell

PRS registered and protected

© mitch 2023
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