Cruelly Judged.

A well known singer / songwriter is still being unfairly condemed by ‘fans’ because he hasn’t lived up their own expectations of him.

Such words are his

     they weave our dreams,

drift through our hearts

     like moon-dipped streams.


Amber notes of songbird lilt

     cascade from poets’ pen,

draw us up, with him to fly

     to cast within a zephyr’d eye.


Yet this is not enough to see

     in greed a gilded cage to tie,

berate the giver of the gold

     for he has failed to live their lie.


A brush is not the canvas bare

     an artist not the paint,

a songbird may the heaven’s hold

     but he’s the singer, not the saint.

© sweetwater 2020
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Hi Sue – this is so lilting and really sweet. Hope you don’t mind a few suggestions to gild the lily: moonlit rather than moon-dipped reads aloud better although I liked the surreal juxtaposition of somehow dipping a stream in the Moon. The second stanza strayed from the rhyme scheme and ‘poet’s pen’ needs an apostrophe. Excellent stuff. Mitch


I enjoyed this different view of singer/songwriter and how we lay our expectations unfairly on our heroes.


Yes, just what makes these gifted people able to create outside conventional restriction is because they are real people with all the faults and struggles that are part of being this, especially within that sometimes volatile minefield called love, which can function as a steady rock or unpredictable witch! With aging, along with the dwindling fans, the admired person is always being overtaken, by changes, by new tastes and styles, and it gets harder and harder to live up to legend, demands, and expectations. Away from home a lot, relationships inevitably suffer. In the arts, enjoy the skill, but keep… Read more »


Here is pure class, musically, lyrically, and poetically:

There’s a new film coming out (2017) about the life of Vincent van Gogh called “Loving Vincent” starring among other good actors Aiden Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson from the excellent “Poldark” TV-series. I wonder if they’ll use this beautiful song as it would be wonderful for atmospheric setting, run in, run out music, especially with cinema acoustics? Such clarity and purity of sound.

It’s the first film using animated paintings, and the music has been specially written for it unfortunately:, and

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