Harassed all my life and persecuted for my beauty,

have I no right then to protect it?

Resignation and retreat is urged as a necessity,

as if never being seen was your condition of existence;

but it is not your body only that needs measures of protection.

We live in a robotic brainwash age

where everything goes automatic

against which there’s nothing to protect you:

it will importune you everywhere with cold insensitive intrusion,

making any dialogue and argument impossible.

The worst part is perhaps the junk you’re flooded with

and drowned in every day by noise and media,

in loudspeaker terrorism benumbing you and killing

your soul’s freedom of both thought and health;

and so you are an outcast alienated stranger to society

refusing to cooperate with a demented world

which never knew what it was doing.


© lailaroth 2023
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