The Effect of nature….

A spontaneous write….

I soaked in the beauty
of my surroundings
I inhaled the freshness
of the green mountains
I exhaled all the toxins
that I’d brought with me

I was a new woman,
freed of her baggage.
I felt a heavy weight,
lift of my shoulders.
I watched all my worries
fade into the mist.

I was on holiday,
far from city woes.
I could do as I pleased,
there’d be no pressure.
I could wake up early
and roam with the cows.

I would not have to hear,
that menacing voice.
I could turn a deaf ear
to his dire warnings.
I was responsible
to no one at all.

This was the closest place
to heaven for me.
No more rigid routines
to be followed now.
No more stringent dead-lines
to be respected.

Stretched out on the fresh grass,
I began to dream
Of a better future,
Than my torrid past.
One that would lead me on
To greener pastures.

© miel 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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A creditable ‘outpouring’ and grassy muse. PS minor typo in Line 10. Mitch


Hello, and thanks for posting. Living in the West Country, walking and sitting on Dartmoor fill me with joy. I was able to identify with this work from the start. I much enjoyed the read.
I think the work needs an edit to make a good write into a great one. For me, there are to many unnecessary words, slowing the pace, not allowing your story to flourish. Others may not agree, it’s your write in the end and I don’t say this to offend.
In friendship

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