An In-Depth Interview

Tell me, Minister…

Dictionary illustration of the meaning of interviewer - a person who conducts an interview. The original source of the image is

I am all in favour of communication
yet I watch TV with consternation
because I see that the interviewer
believes everyone to be a wrongdoer.
He is intent on pursuing his quarry;
how he achieves it he doesn’t worry.

Should be unbiased and analytical
but cannot manage to be apolitical.
He ask a question umpteen times
about his prey’s alleged crimes.

“Tell me minister, will you resign?,
If you won’t answer give us a sign.”

“Do you agree that the world will end
as stated by your Honourable friend,
should we decide to leave the E.U.?
Or is it this move opposed by you ?”

If it is meant as an in-depth interview
why quiz him on another man’s view?

Now the inquisitor asks him if he cares
to come clean about his love affairs.
It  may not be in the public interest
but he’s the one who always knows best.
It doesn’t matter that in all his life
this MP had sex only with his wife.
He could be Labour or could be Tory
but why let the truth spoil the story.

© Luigi Pagano 2016


© ionicus 2023
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