The danger of relationships


There is no challenge more extreme
than that of close relationships,
since every one of them presents a mortal danger,
that of getting burned by coming up to close
to knowing all too well the other’s secrets,
opening the cupboards full of skeletons
that never can be cancelled or let down
of past and failed and capsized loves
that you could never quite accept as lost.
Each life is full of them,
and there is nothing more exciting
and more dangerous than to explore them
as they go on living haunting you like zombies.
You know all too well your own ghosts,
and you live in constant fear of them,
associating with them every night
involuntarily or willingly.
Imagine then the parallel experiences of others
with as many ghosts but with completely different stories,
and put two of those disturbing bags together,
and what will you get?
An abyss without end of doubled troublesome experiences,
each worse than any of the other’s,
to which there can be no end
of bothersome exciting and intriguing exploration.

© aurelio 2023
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