Riding Pillion



She was seventeen
when she left home
and was soon riding
in a motordrome.

The chief attraction
of the carnival fair,
her attitude seemed

But she was powerful
on her motorised horse
and able to master
the centrifugal force.

Cycled on two wheels
round a vertical wall
never succumbing
to a perilous fall.

Yet she fell once
and she felt stupid
but it wasn’t her fault
but that of Cupid.

Falling in love
had not been the plan
but couldn’t refuse
this particular man.

He was good looking
and worth a million.
So instead of going solo
she began to ride pillion.

© Luigi Pagano 2016


© ionicus 2023
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That’s SO you HaHaHa! Love it.


Hi Luigi,
what a girl, mine was all alone at seventeen, when she met me.She was the best pillion rider I ever had for many a year.She was never on the wall of death, but boy how she would lean with me.A lovely poem, bringing back many memories of my years as a rocker. Be lucky, Peter.

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