How Very Strange

Of hope …..


How strange it is, how very strange,
that in the still of night
I feel the beating of my heart,
then catch the morning light
that dances on the shadowed walls
to captivate my sight.

How could I so behold the dawn
and feel such joy inside
when all the world has slipped away
and everything has died –
there’s now a flicker of the flame
that I can no more hide.

It is so strange, so very strange,
when filled with such dismay,
that I should ever be so moved
to see the children play,
and watch the falling of the sun
as at the close of day.

So strange it is, so very strange
that life yet moves along –
this world will keep revolving whilst
the chorus sings its song,
and all that is will ever stay
full resolute and strong.


© valdohren 2021
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A bittersweet poem – the rhymes are a little predictable. Not drastically so, but you might try some more complex rhymes to invigorate the verse. But as far as rhythm goes (and I’m a stickler) it was spot on. Nice read.

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I like the purple ink!… No, of course I will say more than that. I see you’ve gone for a six-lined ballad, the same form as Wilde’s Ballad of Reading Gaol, though with slightly fewer stanzas. I kind of agree with Griff, that the rhymes are a bit predictable. Then again, rhymes in threes are not easy to find in English. The solution would be to get hold of a decent rhyming dictionary. I don’t know how you’d feel about that. Some people are opposed to rhyming dictionaries out of principle. Griff is also right that it does have a… Read more »


Wonderful thought captured in beautiful lines. When you are Sat-Chit-Anand (full with bliss), nothing can take away that bliss, or happiness, you don’t search for it anymore, you realize that you are happiness. And there’s nothing strange in it. I am sorry, but I had to read the poem from my perspective, and hence this interpretation.


I loved this Val, it is indeed strange to be at the lowest ebb, with nowhere left to fall when suddenly the clouds begin to part and although you are still wrapped in darkness a flickering of returning light unexpectedly filters in. Sue.xx

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