Fractured Earth

A re-post from the ‘other side’ –


A cold wind blows, and all in sorrow dwell,
the fractured earth sings out her requiem –
upon her form, unquenched, a raging hell,
around her head, a fading diadem.

“Defiled and ravaged by your greed” she cries,
all bruised and battered as a child abused –
her woodlands raped beneath the dark’ning skies,
and plundered are her riches, then misused.

The wings that fly above her head so fair,
the hills and valleys spread across her land –
all such are wrecked and ravaged without care,
his number traced upon the golden sand.

A bleak wind blows across her countenance,
Within its wake, a decimated world –
a land spurned not by fortune nor by chance
this wretched place, where man’s contempt is hurled.

© valdohren 2023
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Well said Val, this is the horror I forsee coming very soon, if man selfishly and carelessly carries on the way he is going. Sue xx


This is a lovely poem and reads like a prediction of an inevitable and unavoidable conclusion.


Well said Val, whatever are we leaving of what we have inherited? Man’ selfishness and greed are unbelievable.Best wishes Peter xx

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Well penned and so pertinent to current conditions. I too, fear for our planet; we are a selfish, uncaring lot, aren’t we? This world is so delicate and lovely as seen from space, but so many refuse to believe that we ourselves are causing climate change, refuse to fight for a better environment and change both attitudes and habits. So many prefer material wealth and gain to quality of life. One question: his number traced upon the golden sand. Are you referring to the devil/evil side of man? I’m assuming, though obviously not quite sure. Admirable articulation and discipline of… Read more »

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