Multimedia Mania

As yet another all singing all dancing product is thrust upon us an observation on today’s obsession with phones.


Through the labyrinth of city street

People gaze towards their feet

They’re living in a twilight zone

Life usurped by mobile phone


Multimedia monsters dwell

In violent games of false-life hell

Craving attention of eye and hand

Slaves acquiesce to stern demand


Ignoring traffic’s strident boom

They check the latest crass chat room

Steadfastly ignoring all their peers

Blast latest pop into damaged ears


Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, all

Hold them in demanding thrall

The Twitterati they must heed

To satisfy their craven need


Living life though a tiny screen

Seems to be a tad obscene

When reality’s happening all about

Trusty ear buds keep it out


When they meet friends it doesn’t end

Loads of selfies they must send

To everyone they’ve ever known

To prove their popular and not alone


Must have the latest, fastest, best

Of their status it’s a test

My model’s the latest ‘Apple Spew’

So I’m a better guy than you


What sad futures are foretold

For those poor souls as they grow old

Living through the multimedia

Looking up ‘Life’ on Wikipedia


© pronto 2023
Views: 2021
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Love this one, very eloquent appraisal of today’s world. What will the future hold – I see a Matrix world of virtual people.
Val x

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