Step Into The Light

Written after three death-bed vigils in five years and the choices made to let loved ones go…


Step Into the Light

I hear the skip-rope beat of another failing heart

and she’s calling me from a world away

and the first step is such a perfect place to start…

So I lay her down as blackbirds sing

her soul as fragile as an insect wing

she’s drifting through the endless night

she takes my hand to step into the light

into the light…

she steps into the light…

into the light…

no more sorrow – she’s taking flight

she takes my hand and steps into the light…

into the light…


On every road there stands a priest

and a raven sits upon his outstretched wrist

then flies above all the endless cars

where Lao-tse’s butterflies

are yearning and learning and turning into stars

dim and distant stars…




No more speaking in tongues

no more being lost for words

close your penny-weighted eyes

let the ferryman take his prize

take my hand and step into the light

step into the light

into the light

into the light

take my hand and step into the light

into the light

into the light.



(c) 2016 All words, music and instruments by Paul D E Mitchell. Copyright PRS protected



© mitch 2023
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Mitch: yes, a song. i would think that it needs the music to bring it to fullness, but i can see where it could have an ethereal quality. nice work. Swep


Hi Mitch,
Howlz to you for all you have done and do for others. Do we still have a section for lyrics?
Been so pre-occupied that I have not noticed but I think we should. They are poetry in motion and of course often a slightly different way of reading. I was very moved by this.
I always think it is the greatest honour in this life, to be there for someone as they “step into the light”.
The most humbling experience, the most painfully beautiful experience too.
Alison x

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Experimenting with the annotation feature on your piece a bit, Mitch! It’s still quite a bit of a fiddle for me, but hope you’ll be able to see and read the ‘side’ note or two. Failing all else, click on any highlighted part. That should bring up my two cents worth! Very effective write and composition. The repeated ‘into the light’ is wonderfully uplifting/inspiring. I like the whole in this sense. It works, and very well. Have to comment on your voice, which of course adds a dramatic dimension to a reader’s/listener’s understanding of what you are trying to get… Read more »

 <span title="Pro Commenter" style="font-size : small; color: red;">***</span><p>

Mitch, seems I’m the only one on WABD to attempt learning how to use the editing tool – the note/annotation side bar. It was pretty baffling to me too, and still is because I often fail to get it right! I can see the yellow highlighted text, but maybe you can’t? In any case the key is to click on that OR the little arrow < in the white box at the top right of this page. Those three boxes in the right upper corner are the tools for this editing feature/process. The arrow < opens and closes the side… Read more »


That’s beautiful

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