“Apitate Eternity Ring”

A recent revision – ruthlessly edited to less than 50 percent of the original – but, hopefully, perfectly formed and you shouldn’t see the join  🙂



No bank remains on the High Street corner

Where the Yorkshire Penny once stood.


On Saturday afternoons

Its granite steps transformed

To a gospel preachers’ rostrum

As with spittle flecked chins they

Bellowed at sinful shoppers passing by

God’s everlasting love for them

And the assurance of perpetual burning,

For the recalcitrant

Just a heart beat away.


My fiancée, dumped the Apitate ring

I sent her with a perfectly pitched note

’Please forgive my daily infidelities’

In a strong box in the Penny Bank crypt.


A café bar lounge casino now

Squats above the vault

Where my lover

Consigned my memory to

Darkness in perpetuity,

Burying what might have been,

But never was,

World without end


© coolhermit 2023
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Hallelujah! Small and perfectly formed but would suggest a minor tweakette:

With spittle-flecked chins they bellowed

at sinful shoppers and passers-by

of God’s everlasting love in equal measure

with assurances of their perpetual burning,


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