The hippie culture


Maybe in the long run most important of our modern cultures,
it set off already long before the First World War
by Monte Veritá in Switzerland above Ascona,
marked by authors such as Daphne du Maurier and Erich Maria Remarque,
sincerely seeking healthier alternatives to modern civilization
by returning forthrightly to nature,
stressing vegetarianism and outdoor life,
in some ways in the vein of Tolstoy and Rousseau.
The concept was completely lost during the two world wars
but then came back and with a vengeance in the sixties
as a universal rebel movement triggered by the Vietnam war
directed against the derailing of America after the Kennedy assassination
as a direct natural spontaneous reaction against world insanity.
They say it brought another kind of weird insanity instead,
but it was not just freaking out with drugs and escapism
but most of all a rebirth of the right of fantasy and creativity
exploding in experiments of boldness in the field of art,
in clothes, in fashion, colours, music, films
and liberation in the way of living,
the ideal returning of a sane life close to nature.
It has never died but keeps on being the one sane alternative
to all the madness of the world,
considering the politics of the establishment
of military powers constantly resorting to lunatic wars
with tyranny and bombs and the destruction of humanity,
especially now in the times of global crisis of the climate change,
which proves capitalism and egoism, short-sighted politics of power,
greed, materialism and conformism to the establishment
all wrong from the beginning.

© aurelio 2023
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