Dietary Uncertainty

After De Chirico’s “The uncertainty of the poet” (1913)


Deleterious or good for your health?

Not a matter for a poet to decide;

and to say that we have no bananas

does not solve or abate the debate

on the edible crescent-shaped fruit.

Uncertainty reigns among painters:

De Chirico seems to have some doubt

and we are not told if he’s lost hope.

Yet he appears to have lost his head

when faced by an abundant bunch.

More positive is the poet Wendy Cope *

who enthuses on the exotic plant

in a humorous and enjoyable piece.

It is true that some men go bananas

whereas others go nuts or loopy

but literati like us should be neutral

on matters of dietary uncertainty.

© Luigi Pagano 2016  



© ionicus 2023
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I do love a banana-homage and Io nly recently found out that the plant is a herb not a bush or tree! Ciao! Mitch

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