An Honest Joe



I am not a cheat, nor am I an impostor;

I don’t launder money, I’m just an investor.

I have secret funds but I am not so rash

as to reveal the place where I stash my cash.

It may be on an island, virgin or deflowered;

with all that lucre, I’ll feel much empowered.

My business will suffer unneeded interruption

when our politicians blather about corruption.

They stop me from achieving further expansion

by denying my right to buy another mansion.

Then they’ll ask, in the name of transparency,

about ownership and not only of occupancy.

I am not responsible if the regulations are lax,

am just legally trying to avoid paying any tax.

I’ll entertain visitors and see them all imbibe

but those expenses are considered a bribe.

They call me a crook but I’ll have you know:

compared to some MPs I’m an honest Joe.


© Luigi Pagano 2016  


© ionicus 2023
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Quite topical at the moment, Luigi, with the debate about tax avoidance raging. Neatly composed as ever. I’m more than willing to hold (hide) your secret stash!!


Ciao, Luigi! £12 BILLION of taxes slips off shore from the UK every year in trusts and scams. The government assigns SIX inspectors to this massive tax and 3,000 fraud investigators to chase an alleged £1.2 billion in benefit fraud. Makes me VERY angry as the NHS crumbles around us. Mitch

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