Once seen …

An oldie, resurrected in this time of renewal …

Once seen . . 
Its the blue that does it.
Every time 
that blue grabs me –
that deep and deepening 
cobalt blue, merging into black.
It has such gentleness and peace.
I want to sink into that blue;
I want my soul to swim in it;
I could lose myself in that blue.
Then again, there is the 
sunset above water
the sea, always the sea —
and the sense of distance,
of space opening beyond infinity.
I always had a soft spot for
sunsets over seascapes.
And of course there is that 
sense of weightlessness 
— he just floats there. 
Must be nice that 
to be weightless, drifting free;
to detach oneself;
to soar above the world;
to float away from the humdrum,
effortless and serene;
a very pleasant way of 
escaping troubles.
Of course, 
the nails through 
the hands and feet 
wouldn’t be much fun.
© Elfstone 20/9/03
This was the first poem I posted to UKA back in 2004 (was it really that long ago?!). It seems appropriate to post it in the new site and I suspect most of the people who are now members have not seen it.  It was a Challenge poem, the task being to write an ekphrastic poem.


© Elfstone 2020
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Well I was sinking slowly and blissfully into the beauty of your images, then bang, I hit the last verse and a ‘whoa where did that come from?’ But it works so well 🙂 plus I have learnt a new word, never heard of ekphrastic before, not in my dictionary so had to resort to the ‘web’ 🙂 Sue.


you cannot float like that without the nails

good poem


I was floating around with them until the ending.




Difficult at first reading to realise that the work of art in question is about Christ’s crucifixion. The denouement is in the final stanza. A skilled write but I would question the lines
“a very pleasant way of
escaping troubles.”
Luigi x


My point is: the final verse –
“Of course,
the nails through
the hands and feet
wouldn’t be much fun.”

hardly represents

“a very pleasant way of
escaping troubles.”

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