my nursing experiences continued……..

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the course      was called , ‘ living with  stress,’ and as i said it was the best course i had ever been and it was very beneficial as  everyday life was  in  question and the tutor asked someone to come forward and handed him a matchstick ans asked him to hold it between his first finger and thumb and asked someone to press on the stick. he pressed on it and said ,’  harder,’ then the stick snapped and the  tutor said, ‘ see,’ that is how if you are under extreme stress you snap and have a nervous breakdown, then he went on describing all our stress factors namely girl friend stress , bosses stress , stuck in traffic jam , financial difficulties, marital stress awaiting court appearances , rowdy children stress, awkward neighbors  gambling stress eviction stress and many other stress factors that make our lives miserable and lead us to  the point of suicide. Then he went to say that this life is for living and staying alive and forging  ahead. Then he handed each one of us  a blanket  and said,  ‘ lie on it and listen to what i am going to say and i promise you, you all will be going to sleep, and follow the instruction carefully ,’So we all stretched ourselves  on the blanket and he said, ‘ breathe in and breathe out ,’ he repeated it  ten times, which we did, then he said, ‘ gently close your eyes, relax the inner muscle of your left eye, relax the inner muscle of your right eye,, breathe in , breathe out, relax the muscle of your face , relax the muscle of your forehead, relax the muscle of tour neck, relax the muscle of your shoulder, breathe in breathe out,relax the muscle of your left arm, relax the muscle of your right arm,relax the muscle of your chest, relax the muscle of your heart, relax the muscle of your abdomen, relax the muscle of your left leg, relax the muscle of your right leg, breathe in and breathe out, and again gently close your eyes,’Honestly i did not go to sleep, but really felt groggy, the girl next to me was really sleeping so were some of them. It was a good exercise and up to now when i cannot sleep, i say to myself,’ breathe  in and breathe out and by the count of seven, i am asleep. He went on to say while sitting never cross your legs as that blocks the flow of blood down the arteries.

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