Biding Time



Years pass
like shadows on the edge of time.

Days fall out of eternity
like confetti,

and we continue to dream …
to “live and move and have our being” –

and waiting.

A phantom in the darkness
whispering through the silence
words you will never hear –


A dreamer of dreams
recalling memories
from a time long passed –


For the fading of the light,
for the darkness
of the night –


And for the time
when all things shall end.

© valdohren 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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Hi Val,
A deep poem to me of despair. I can relate as life in this world seems to be rapidly becoming a living hell that is only getting worse.

and we continue to dream …
to “live and move and have our being” –

I think it would have more impact if you drop the last ‘waiting’ 😉
Alison x


I know. If it’s any consolation, I think very many people are really struggling, it’s not the world we knew. xx
I also think the last line is so complete and final that one gets a feeling of sudden silence.
Great stuff.


Hmmnn.. nice poem but, as my old dad used to say, “If you’ve time to kill try working it to death” Me? I prefer to look at life as an adventure and want more.


Much as I admire your writing skills, Val, I don’t agree with these sentiments. I believe that there is far too much gloom and doom in this world. If we abandon hope we are really dead, regardless of age.
I look forward to the next day and the day after and, with any luck to reaching a century.
Sursum corda.
Luigi x


Fantastic writing Val, some of your very best. I too wish for better days, however, despite all the crap we are going through it try to remain positive. For me there is no other way to be.
Mike XxX


So wish I could stand beside you. Hate that you are feeling like this, there are good reasons of course. Lesley has said as much if I go sooner rather than later. She has family, a new granddaughter, a reason to live. Please try and look around, find something to hang on to. I’ve read your words, you are a good person. You have friends.
Mike XxX

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