No time for love

My first submission to this new site – hoping I did nothing wrong.


The devastation of a failure of a love affair
is more often than not enough
to keep the lover out of love forever
or at least as long as he can do without it,
as long as he can make resistance and withstand it,
and as long as he does not completely languish,
thirsting, hungering and suffering to death,
like one deserted in the desert.
For that moment always comes,
when you no longer can endure
but must surrender to that irresistibility
and urge, that is of all life’s factors the most vital,
seeking that salvation of a sound and natural release
of all your life’s most fundamental powers.
Never say you have no time for love.
That time will come when least expected
uninvited and surprisingly,
since love can never long be kept
locked out of doors and out of time.


© aurelio 2023
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