Headaches and heartaches

I used to write regularly for UKAuthors with a limitation of two poems each time. I suppose that standard is still valid…

So shall we then let go,
since all we cause each other is incessant worries
through our love, that never leaves us any peace
but only trouble us with headaches and incessant heartaches?
Freedom is the motto of our love,
and there is nothing more important or invaluable
which at any cost must be secured and strived for always,
since it is the only thing and means
that can give any life at all
to our love and any possibility for it to breathe;
for we need air under our wings
to keep on flying freely and incessantly,
since going down to earth is certain death,
since all our life is only ideal flying splendour,
like to any common swift…

© aurelio 2023
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