Standing in the Gap



A promise made, is a debt unpaid.

For my grandchildren.


You are small, now,
and I am big.
So big as to seem to you
to be invincible,

But Time has his hand upon us all.

You mentioned Heaven…

How can I portray the inexpressible
to your infant minds?
trusting for permanence
but unable to grasp concepts.
While my desire is
to allay your fears?

So I promise…
 I will always
stand in the gap
for you.
Here, or there
makes little difference.

What resides in the
is beyond corruption.

Last thing at night
that this
is true.


© stormwolf 2023
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This is just beautiful Alison, it says all that is needed. So pleased you see and read your words again.
Mike XxX


Seems familiar (an old post?) but the centred format does the sentiment proud. howlz. Mitch


Beautiful sentiments, Alison. I love it!
I see you are going to move your poems across from UKA. Great idea! – and a good time to brush up and revise. I might do the same.


You will see me posting more often, Alison!! have just looked at my UKA submissions and I have loads of poems I’d like to bring over here. I’ve already revised many of them over the years (I’m always revising when my muse is on the blink.) Yes, I can appreciate that jaded feeling very well. I do have some new ones that I never posted UKA too, so yes – you’ll see more of me.

 <span title="Pro Commenter" style="font-size : small; color: red;">***</span><p>

Somehow, I wanted this in the present tense – for a going on ‘now’ and an ‘immediacy of it’ effect: You mention[ed] Heaven… I greatly admire the concept of ‘standing in the gap’ and everything from So I promise – but after several reads I’m feeling some vital part is missing between mentioning heaven and your speaker’s promise. I think it centers around why the children ask about/speak of heaven. Are they beginning to notice that living beings/creatures die? Is someone close very ill and perhaps dying? Whatever, I’m sensing talking about what it is that’s concerning them – rather… Read more »

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