A Rant

Written for a friend 

When you stop being judgemental
About all who surround you,
When you stop trying to teach
A lesson to everyone
Who does not agree with you,
When you stop being stubborn
In your thoughts and behaviour,
When you’re ready to accept
That others too have a right
To different points of view,
I promise to support you,
In any way that I can.
But, until then forgive me.
At my age, it’s not easy
To put up with pettiness
And crazy childish tantrums.

© miel 2023
critique and comments welcome.
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A rant running straight down the page and mincing not a word – just the way I like it! Very effective layout for this kind of poem, with minimal punctuation, all of which add power to each ‘punch’, line by line. Really well done! bel 🙂

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