Timeless F - Stormwolf
is a robbing bastard.
Sneaks in under radar
and steals treasure
with his veil of subtlety,
confusion and memory plunder.

We sit in a triad,
trying to resurrect

your incredible intellect,
sense of humour…
The pathos
would not be lost to you,
in other times.

Still, etched in memory
there you stand, Mum.
In your cotton summer dress,

is how I see you,
will always see you.

© Alison Stormwolf

© stormwolf 2020
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Storm, well written, I can well relate to that first stanza. I found this poem quite moving. If that is a photo of your mum she was a fine looking lady…
gerry x.


Hello Alison.
I have seen this before but it well worth another read. You write sensitively about one of life’s ironies. We are living longer but for many people and their families instead of those extra years being a bonus they turn into a penalty.
I hope that in a way we don’t yet understand your mother knows that you are there for her.
.Best as always, Michael

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That’s a powerful first stanza, and I love :

We sit in a triad,
trying to resurrect

all kinds of images fly to mind; the ‘nursing’ emergency room sense of it; the gentle, insistent and nurturing love of a teacher who believes in the potential of a child, no matter what. Masterful.

Perfect and evocative ending. Has me on the verge of tears.


Dear Alison, how lovely to read your work again here. This says just enough in the best way possible. A deserved pick, for sure. Hope you are well, talented lady.

Kim x

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