Shaken and Stirred

Martinis and nuts,


The doorbell rang:
it was Jack,
the son of our neighbour,
who had come to ask
for his ball back.

He had miskicked it
over our fence
and he apologised
for his offence.

We had a guest
who’d come to dinner.
My husband thought
that it was best
to first serve Martinis
with a choice of nuts.

Just out of interest
I asked who he was.
His name is Bob,
my spouse replied,
and he is my boss.
I want to repay him
for the loss of my job.

By this he’d been shaken
but now he was stirred
into taking revenge.
He’d  hired an assassin
dressed as  a waiter
who  was all in white
and wearing long tails.

The killer approached
the hapless victim,
looked at him for a while
then offered him
a deadly cocktail
with an icy smile.

© Luigi Pagano 2016


© ionicus 2023
critique and comments welcome.
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Cold! Very cold revenge. Nice poem though.


You have an amazing way with words Luigi, What were the words ? I forgot to tell you I loved the picture on your other poem 😉


I See; I am completely in the picture now — long time since I played cricket…you integrated the words well.

 <span title="Pro Commenter" style="font-size : small; color: red;">***</span><p>

I see from comments that this was in response to a challenge. Perhaps you could say so in the introduction? Knowing that is so increases my interest in how you put your poem together, anyway.

SO wanted this to rhyme: 😀

and he is my boss.
I want to repay him
for the loss of my job. ? for my job loss??

There have been bosses in my work life that I’ve wanted to knock off! A good blueprint for the long suffering! 🙂

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