Helene of Troy

A potted history of the Trojan war.

The face that launched
one thousand ships
was that of Helen
who was Menelaus’s wife.

She had lustrous eyes
and  curvy swaying hips.
She eloped with Paris
causing a bitter strife.

The outraged cuckold
laid siege to Troy.
The resulting  war
lasted for ten years.

The city was then taken
through a canny ploy
and Cassandra’s prophecy
fell on deaf ears.

People believed
she suffered from delirium;
they ignored the warnings
that could’ve saved them.

The city of Troy
also known as Ilium
was subjected to looting
and utter mayhem.

Without batting an eyelid
she rejoined her spouse
and returned home
with the Spartan fleet.

Now, a model of discretion,
runs an efficient house.
She had taken a big gamble
but landed on her feet.

© Luigi Pagano 2016


© ionicus 2020
critique and comments welcome.
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Virgil would approve.


Bloody hell Luigi you have taken a few liberties here, I don’t know if I should have laughed — but I did. You told the tale well. 😉


Seven 😉


Yes, agree with Gerry. Seven. I laughed too. 🙂 Clever take on the challenge.

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