Final words

The power of words to hurt …

Final words

Today I thought of Talk:
the power we give to
patterns of little sounds,
the strength of meaning
we take from them.

Today I thought of Speech:
the art of poisoned sentences
– quietly, subtly dispensed –
creeping in beneath awareness,
dripping lasting impressions.

Today I thought of Words:
your words – your final ones;
You’d have got money too
if you hadn’t been so

Today I thought of toxic legacies.


© Elfstone 26/10/15

© Elfstone 2023
critique and comments welcome.
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Hi Elf A deep and insightful poem. Words can wound and words can also plant a seed in our subconscious that can grow to be a beautiful flower or a horrible clinging weed. What we say to children especially, can damage them for life at times. I cannot imagine the distress of your last 3 days with your mother. It was so little to ask after all. ;-( The difference would have been a peace she deprived you of as a last act of …who knows? I am lucky in that almost losing my mother on three separate occasions in… Read more »


I cannot recommend talking hell out on your harp! 😉 but maybe bake some bread and give it laldy in the mixing? I also understand the pure rage, I really do x

oops silly recommendation…you would NOT then want to eat the bread!
What about taking the rugs out and giving them a good beating like in the old days? 😉


I can’t imagine the pain upon hearing those final words. They sound as though they were said by someone consumed by emotions they found impossible to put aside. The desire to hurt someone: The distance between Love and Hate is like a razor’s edge… but we choose which side we want to live on. In every situation we make a conscious decision – maybe in a nanosecond – what kind of ‘tool’ our words will be carrying; a heart or a sword. Your poem so aptly, so effectively, describes that power of words. I enjoyed it immensely, if somewhat belatedly.… Read more »

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