Final words

The power of words to hurt …

Final words

Today I thought of Talk:
the power we give to
patterns of little sounds,
the strength of meaning
we take from them.

Today I thought of Speech:
the art of poisoned sentences
– quietly, subtly dispensed –
creeping in beneath awareness,
dripping lasting impressions.

Today I thought of Words:
your words – your final ones;
You’d have got money too
if you hadn’t been so

Today I thought of toxic legacies.


© Elfstone 26/10/15

© Elfstone 2021
critique and comments welcome.
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Hi Elf A deep and insightful poem. Words can wound and words can also plant a seed in our subconscious that can grow to be a beautiful flower or a horrible clinging weed. What we say to children especially, can damage them for life at times. I cannot imagine the distress of your last 3 days with your mother. It was so little to ask after all. ;-( The difference would have been a peace she deprived you of as a last act of …who knows? I am lucky in that almost losing my mother on three separate occasions in… Read more »


I cannot recommend talking hell out on your harp! 😉 but maybe bake some bread and give it laldy in the mixing? I also understand the pure rage, I really do x

oops silly recommendation…you would NOT then want to eat the bread!
What about taking the rugs out and giving them a good beating like in the old days? 😉

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