Parting of the Ways


Why did she say “I’ll be back soon”

when she knew that it was a lie?

It was not simply an ‘Arrivederci’

but a deliberate and final goodbye.


She felt stifled and needed space

and said so in her Dear John letter.

As long as the status quo remained

her situation would not get  better.


Was well aware of the consequence

–  the likelihood of an ugly divorce –

but life with the newly found freedom

would significantly alter its course.


The world would now be her oyster,

she could flirt with many other suitors

and not be constrained by the tether

employed by a hard-line persecutor.


He feels hard done-by and very bitter

by her sudden, unexpected, defection;

he had believed that their relationship

survived on trust and mutual affection.


Her friends say that it is his own fault

for always wanting to rule the roost

and by resisting the tyrants demands

the girl’s morale was given a boost.


His pals  state that her accusations

are nothing but malice and grumbles;

neutral bystanders will just point out:

“That is the way the cookie crumbles.”


© Luigi Pagano 2016

© ionicus 2023
critique and comments welcome.
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Divorce, another modern tradition. The grass is always greener, instant gratification, selfish world we live in ay? This is a nice read. A topic that has yet to touch me in my life, and I hope it never does. Nice to see you are still around the UKA world and still writing.


Shouldn’t be the last time we hear from each other. I’m hoping to get right back on board now. Having a new site is a great time to start writing and sharing again. I’ve deleted facebook and other such distractions. Need to get back on this lovely hobby that is writing.


I’ve posted a reply about spell checking in the forum. Regarding an ‘official’ launch for WABD, we will send out a newsletter in the next few days with details. But I would like to keep testing this site for a bit longer and I’ve been pleading with UKA members to come over here and try it out but most have not bothered. It’s no good going live with this site only to to find it’s causing more problems than UKA’s cranky old backend!


Not happened to me I’m glad to say, but i can well understand your words Strange times my friend…


I can only follow one train of thought at a time now i’m afraid, but I now realise just how clever this poem is.
Very well done…


Great Luigi,
I knew instantly what it was about .We shall now have to wait and see
if it is really Auf Wiedersehn,,or a final Goodbye NB, I am glad it is not autobiographical .We have been married 68 years this coming December all being well A good poem. Be lucky, Peter.

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