The Dawn That Waits




Drifting into midnight,
loosening ties to waking illusions,
we enter the greater place.
Vaguely familiar
but shielded by misty confusion
to those who fear.
For death comes nightly
and resurrection
with waking.
So why reject
the natural progression
of day to night, or
life to life again?

Unpredictable, perhaps challenging,
the path ahead…
but earth years are little more
than sign posts
on a hazy, forgotten road.
And Karma rules,
as sure as my belief
that life is a continuum
from here to there.

Dawn may be of a finer making
than the one woven
in our dream thinking.
I see communion and paradox.
Yearning for reunion in light,
tempered by unfinished tasks-

Torn between two worlds,
loved in both.

Gossamer luminescence,
shimmering in potential.
Quiet as owls’ wings,
with inner sun.
Shielded from earthly eyes.

Beauty and joy


~ © Alison Stormwolf ~

© stormwolf 2023
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You have a lovely way with words Stormwolf!

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