twin birds

Micro and macro, they are of the same feather, twin birds that crow in the same manner, not mere words! you heal the micro creature lo it cures the one bigger, you mess up with the petite voleur have both of them under the weather Peter becomes Sunil’s friend. David, like a poor cousin, feels threatened; we find groups in

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Who shall save the world?

  We are completely powerless against the world corruption which by greed has ruined all the world, with Trump as leader of the universal egoism, denying there is anything to worry about, while oceans are dying, wildlife disappearing, people starving without water, cruel dictatorships supported by democracies for just some short-term gains, while we, who watch and are aware of

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Lost love

  You disappeared out there somewhere diffusely in the fog, like some ethereal phantom vanishing, dissolving in the mists with nothing left behind except what could have been, some bitter disappointments and a painful mess of memories. Still you exist out there somewhere and waiting only to return in hopes of my forgetting all the negative misfortunes and the inexcusableness

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