We Oft Forget

We live and die we hope and dream between sleep and awake We hope and we dream   We want and we need we hate and loathe between here and eternity We hate and we loathe   We’re good and bad we love and dream and hate and loathe and kill and destroy and we pick up the pieces  

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The Potion

Contempt is sprinkled with a pinch of pique and slowly added to her odious pot. She whisks some spite into the mix to wreak revenge. It bubbles until piping hot. Enticed, you sniff the effervescent brew and salivating test a morsel first, but soon you’re hooked on ladles of her stew and gobble quickly, unaware it’s cursed. Awakening, Chimera’s madness

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On The Soft Landscape Of Childhood

  Young children always regard deprivation as being caused by their own inadequacies       Forced momentarily to peer deeply, deeply inwards into misty bromide images, the mind’s eye hesitates as it struggles to track through fifty years of stored strife, for it also becomes painfully aware of its own humble beginnings.   A small boy is crouching in

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