Religion and spirituality


Religion is the arch-enemy
Of humankind
Spirituality, the unconditional
Friend, it ignites the light.

Religion is the cause of wars,
Hatred, intolerance,
False pride and power of every kind
Spirituality, the harbinger of peace
It empowers the users, showers bliss.

Temples, mosques, churches
Host Satans, Molesters,
Uniformed wolves in sheep’s clothing,
These places of worship
Display pomp and grandeur
Cruel, vulgar perpetrators of horrific crimes
Busy marketing their respective Scriptures,
They need acres of lands with heavy price;
While for practising spirituality, you
Need a little unassuming corner
Upon an inch of earth, underneath the vast sky
You fold your legs, may or may not close your eyes
Focus in the middle of your brows
Until the truth surfaces and shows,
The little blinking light that spreads from
The depth of what you truly believe
Gives you the real power to forget and forgive.

Spirituality needs to be embraced
To spread fraternity, kindness,
Togetherness with grace;
With all due respects,
Religions need to leave,
For the world to heave
A euphoric sigh of relief.

© supratik 2023
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Religions need to leave,
For the world to heave
A euphoric sigh of relief.

Hi Supratik,
I’ve read this three or four times. There’s a lot to it, but for me those last three lines say it all – and very eloquently.Enjoyed I very much…


Religious bigots may disagree but, to a secular humanist like me, your philosophy makes a lot of sense.
Best, Luigi.

People seem to need something to believe in its just a shame they choose religon over faith or even over themselves

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