Panama Love

One of many trips to South and Latin America. Where I always sought out the “real” sometimes abstract, and attempted to be part of it as opposed to gawker. The YouTube links are because I love them and they tell a story I feel. Also I wish I could have met and fallen in love with Lotte Lenya in 1933

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High Finance

Ever wondered when countries borrow billions just where the money comes from? I can explain on a micro-scale A billionaire’s yacht once sailed To a small Greek island (economy failed) The hotel’s ballroom he booked (Paid cash) To hold his daughter’s birthday bash One thousand dollars he laid down Then went off to explore the town Hotelier’s heart leapt with

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This is the last time

  As I turned away from my door it hit me hard for sure. Stark realty dawned that day, my folks I have to go. No work, no food, no hope and little future. What choice did I have but to turn and walk away? Never to see your faces again, I cried and wondered why. To leave the bosom

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