24 Hours of Love.

A visit to Vancouver BC.  24 Hours of Love.   Ive often wandered if I’ve kissed The serial killer in our midst. I was on a bit of a sailing manoeuvre  Across in rainy dank Vancouver   Her name was Mona, Mona Bird  Yes lemon curds the rhymah. And her mothers name was Mynah.   Occasionally worried about the strife 

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Part 26

To be somebody.  You have to be somebody else. Not an imitation. Or intimation. You have to be somebody else.   On a hill.  Over looking a place.  Somewhere nowhere.  White. Smoke. Cloud. Candle. Some larger remains.  Blown in breeze.  The only chance of escape.  Souls on a southerly.  Inside. Nothing more than a. Pit. At 44 °C. Death will occur.

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Check the bolt Falklands Two.

  Check the bolt Falklands Two.   Check the bolt For action Hands slip and slide Mud and sweat Sweat and mud “Alright mate” “Aye” “Alright mate” “Aye” “We’ll be alright” “Aye” Said a thousand times  a thousand times “Alright mate” “Aye” Check the bayonet Check the bolt Check the mag. Fucking hands Shake And sweat Fucking hands Shake “Alright

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