Unreachable Thoughts

I documented the thoughts I was having.


This is not a prison.

We decided to live here.

It is a new reality.

Why would you want to go back to where you came from?

You are here because you chose this path.

This now, is where you decided to journey to.

It’s about going forwards not backwards.

We are ultra-dimensional entities of infinite power.

If you already know all there is to know, the only challenge is to go even further.

Create a new paradigm of experience and perception.

Go beyond knowledge and light and consciousness.

Ascend and evolve into new dimensions.

Don’t get stuck in a recurring loop of returning to what came before.

Continue past every zenith.

There are no rules, only those you imagine and then decide to follow.

Life is the escape we created to supersede the soul.

A being of ultimate light is stuck as they are.

But they can create a new vessel, that has the freedom of choice.

To travel beyond light and dark.

Past the demon’s kiss, into the unreachable.


© Fitbin 2023
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