The day falls uneasy across my way

there is an edge in it. A fearing,

 a disquiet. The air soft, gentle:

no more than a sigh.

Yet still I feel something

circling, following…


© sweetwater 2023
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New submissions should be visible on the front page? Your ‘doom in the air’ sentiments, the pervading mental state for all in these precarious times, I’m afraid Sue? Experiencing the extremes of Nature’s death cough, generalised anxiety is justified, but today, for us, it appears to compel no resolution, that’s the tragedy. Fine writing (I think ‘there is an edge to it’ would be better?). Trevor

Last edited 1 month ago by Gothicman

I was thinking Sue, that, before, when we were ignorant of any serious threat to the natural world, no matter our personal woes, there was always ‘hope’ to hang on to. Now, even that last mental comfort has been released from Pandora’s box! Trevor x

Last edited 1 month ago by Gothicman
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