I Have Loved You Long And Well.


You are my heart, my head, my love.

I feel the fire seer my bones as

lips dance across the softness of

night, a coverlet of moonbeams

my only companion.

The infinite exquisite ache of skin

yearning to love and be loved in return.

Yet never to know, never to know-you.

© sweetwater 2023
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What a passionate, warming poem with some exquisite phrasing Sue! To the ‘starry, starry night’ person I presume. Unrequited, yes, but a sincere declaration nevertheless to luckier one. Much enjoyed! Trevor

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Such people belong to the moods of personal history, helping to form us and keep us being who we are, give extra context and continuity. Daydreaming is an underrated aid too, in helping each person’s Life’s long journey be more bearable, even enjoyable?

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