Of Monastries, Moths, and Monoliths

Unwillingly admitted to the NHS Bombyx Service Home and Hospice Trust
Unable to afford homestay costs. Pic.: no ©


Like two grey silkworms,
frail and old,
wriggling on
through foggy webs,
with dreams spun
from paper to gold,
spinning yarns
with tattered threads,

        safe in looms, close
        entombed, hoping thoughts

        would never be said.

Now forcibly placed
in strange cocoons,
gowned and capped
in separate rooms,
tightly wrapped
in cold starched beds,

        denied their mothhood,
        their pupa-hood,
        their mulberry eggs;

masked staff fed
with tales of dread,
a lonely doom
placed in gloom,
as if to each other,
they’d suddenly died,
inexplicably dead!


The Bombyx is the common silkworm moth



© Gothicman 2023
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This absolutely tears at the heart. Beautifully written. It’s a pity we can’t nominate anymore because I would put this forward right now.

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