Actions louder than words


The verb of all wars is religious intolerance,
that of love and peace is religious acceptance

Picture this:
A day when a painter
could freely paint
a cross on Krishna’s forehead,
Jesus playing the flute,
the holy light of Allah
enlightening the canvas

peace will act out

© supratik 2023
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Trouble is, Supratik, war-causing intolerance has so many times been between competing religious groups, and of course, love and peace, belongs to civilised humanity no matter who promotes and practices it? The images you describe are those of several religious traditions as presented when most tolerant and peacefu.They used to all get on well together for long periods, even within the same cities. What on earth has happened since to change all that? Globalisation? For me, another fine writing.


instead of ‘the verb’ maybe ‘the carrot’
maybe all is not needed
the same trick used for peace purposes = which is not peace at all – when the other carrot appears again. it’s some sort of cease fire until further notice – you do need a very cunning painter to draw carrots of this or that. impressions at gunpoint for a poorly intelligent world.

thought-provoking and a nicely executed poem.

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