I Am Most Compelling

noticing this just for the moment. Pic: free-released


Overlying a monotonous hissing,
the constant organ-pipe undertone
of tinnitus in F Major, is, I Am.
What a strange manifestation,
this most definitive proof of Life
consisting of fleeting images,
sounds, tastes, smells, feelings,
in a floating ethos, that, like Sartre,
exist, and then are gone.
The overlord of, I Am, is From Without,
which, though sitting over, is intimately
interfaced and in competition with,
From Within, which demands recognition.
Both serve two hard taskmasters,
Need to Know, and, Look at This.
But, I Am, hovers with an under hang,
a hook on a roaming gantry, that
plucks up blurred blocks of experience
from slots in past’s seething drawer;
forced, for awhile, to hold its track
when Look cracks its compelling whip,
or when Need steers vital choice
by calling for order.
I Am, is the slave of compulsion
steered by one singular determinant,
most compelling just then.
You are reading this involuntarily,
because, just now,
I am most compelling.




© Gothicman 2023
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