no change, the only constant


the wings of
anti-Semitism have
spread far and wide,
in words, thoughts and
actions; no change;
war, war, war, in every
level, its shades of shame,
a harmony sham,
a matter of pride;

a fowl plays high up

in the air, yet looks down
at its prey, no hay days
show up, the grey sky
overlooking the gruesome

dark days, here to stay,

hay days, an ornate lie,
clouds, despite the silver lining
hide the jewel perpetually inside
the safety vaults, the paws of the
predator, Maya*, block the inner eye,
the light of the sun burns on the
outside, doomed to destruction;

we celebrate slavery
as independence, all Jews
gnashed in the jaws of the
sentenced, wrecked world,
the joyous dais, an unapologetic
holocaust from where the
deceptive exit, a hawking

the world of us humans
that had never changed an inch
from what it originally was
comes from the green room
onto the stage, thanks
to the filters, in the form of
change as the only constant

*Maya – the supernatural power wielded by gods and demons; it also means mithya (lie, or illusion)

© supratik 2023
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