some wondering-about rant…


Long since dead and still alive,
a mystery perhaps that might await us all
here in the middle state of life
between the life before and what comes afterwards
of which we can know nothing.
Still it feels that both before and after
was and must become much better,
as if all frustrations were just limited to our mortality,
mundaneness limiting all spiritual possibilities.
The Buddhists talk of some Nirvana
as an ideal spiritual state acquirable even here,
but even that does not sound very practical.
So shall we then just dream of that ideal state before birth
of universal love that also waits for us beyond the grave?
Well, it’s a wonderful idea and possibility,
but even that we dream of here as mortals.
Maybe that’s the definite and final comfort:
that at least in all our limitations,
we can always dream of anything.



© aurelio 2023
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