Anatomy of a suicide


Mind  you, no recommendation!!!

What poet did not try to kill himself (herself)?
The irony is, that those who finally succeeded
failed the most to die,
since all they did in dying by their own hands
was to get themselves immortalized,
their words and poetry remaining
written more than just in blood
and more alive than they themselves.
The reason, also, is a very strange one.
Creativity is of all ideals the most demanding,
always craving more than anyone can give,
since one fulfillment must have more.
Thus the artist in her mortal limitations and confinement
never can live up to what the soul demands,
which always must defy, denounce and spite
all physical realities and possibilities
and thus, inevitably, tragically, fatally
creates a conflict between soul and body.
Many, if not most, who made a suicidal effort
and survived, were kind of resurrected and reborn
and even generally stimulated into new creative progress,
while all those, like Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf
and others, who did not come back,
immortalized themselves nevertheless
by the triumphant victory and glory of their souls.


© aurelio 2023
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Good to read your work again, Aurelio! I don’t think you’ll mind if I briefly go off post and tell others the strange story of how I quite by chance met you in person, after having read your work on here over twenty years. A neighbour of mine said he had a friend who was having trouble with his ‘Mac Pro’ and could I help. I cycled a coupe of times to you on the other ‘bohemian’ side of town, did the necessary repairs incl. to the software to get you up and running again (even if you still insist… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by Gothicman

Haha Aurelio, don’t worry no more disclosures!

Last edited 5 months ago by Gothicman

Sorry, Trevor, but we need you to make one more disclosure: the link to YOUTUBE! .)


Thank you.


I enjoyed your virtuosity, Aurelio. I haven’t gone through all your repertoire but shall return to it again and again, maestro.

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