Life: Learn to love yourself & your loved ones

  1. Learn to love yourself & your loved ones

“Life didn’t start with job, see yourself stronger & better where you’re from.
El primer paso no te lleva dónde quieres ir, pero te saca de dónde estás. “


Ramen sloped down the lane and saw the banner at the cross-end corner of Bishop Cotton’s cottage where he runs the eatery ! The IT chaps residing around didn’t rush for office nor jostled in trams, buses, not even jumbled over coffee house, bakeries. Ohh, gossips stopped, cigars forgot to fume, resto-bars banned for a quick while !!!

The bilingual slogan buzzes in mind & brain when I saw my friends, familiars, fellow-colleagues, connections tagged themselves ‘Open to work’, ‘Looking for a job in…’, etc. during prevalent recession, layoffs, hiring freeze, job crisis, etc. Like you I feel extremely sorry to hear so, and more heartfelt thinking of how the stuffs are going on in victim’s mind & presential perseverance (which I’ve also passed through twice in toughest times)!
The most needed in such uncertainties is your patience, keeping yourself strong & irresistible. Never give up nor regret for anything …challenges & bias with internal and external forces are much common in life. And never let bend down your determined mind & unstoppable spirit. Trust me, things will definitely look up and time will show better you. I strongly believe in work ethos – if someone has work efficiency and self-confidence nothing can’t stop him/her, surely will bloom once. Time is just matter of day’s ordeal but great healer subsequently over anxiety.

Paradoxically Life starts with L. So, Love yourself & your Loved ones, not your job always. I deeply feel and trust, Complacency is the only epithet which takes you back where you’re from. Dreaming out of dreams we’re not still and listen ourselves. Instead we gather pebbles in shoes forgetting the purpose-driven life. And LONELINESS in replacement ingrained deep philosophy & psychology inside!

Try to enjoy Life with what it needs the least or gives away you, because Expectations never keep you happy ! Expectations always pile up themselves once it keeps on fulfilling endlessly.

© Bapi 2023
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