A memo to myself

I constantly hear 
remember, remember
but don’t automatically
think of the past
like most people do.
I remind myself
that though lessons
could be learned
from previous mistakes,
and their number
seems vast,
we still persevere
in repeating them.

There once was a war
said to end all wars
yet conflicts still abound
all around the globe.
A fact well known
is that pumping carbon
into the atmosphere
affects the climate
but we don’t stop
using fossil fuels
and carrying on
the deforestation
of the Amazon jungle.

Isn’t it strange
that the more
attitudes change
certain things 
remain the same?
We must remember
that the way ahead
is to adapt and accept
new thoughts and customs
and forget old habits.
Co-operation is needed,
not confrontation
or mere witch-hunts.

Condemn the behaviour
of selfish people
whose only aim is to look 
after numero uno;
don’t follow suit
and repeat the words 
of Frank Bruno:
“You know what I mean, Harry”
and perhaps you shall be
as happy as Larry.


© Luigi Pagano 2021 

© ionicus 2023
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Very relevant, no war can ever end wars, only end the lives of innocents, and continue to help destroy the future for our planet.
Well said. sue.x


Well-expressed Luigi, decisive action is called for, green not greed!
I don’t think Frank Bruno knew himself what he meant though, Harry Carpenter never really understood him either, just politely nodded! Haha! Yes, you’re right, we need clear unambiguous messaging here!

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