Existential Moments

mourning is a process of assimilation and conservation;
pic of
Camberwell Beauty: my own. (Known as the
Mourning Cloak in USA and many European languages).


A butterfly, broken by a
cast wind, tumbled to my feet,
wings now, concealing shrouds
still spreading beauty.

        In the discordant afterglow
        of chance’s tragic lottery, it will be
        content, not cause, that will endure
        to enrich those who follow.

For mourners bearing near intolerable loss, of
soulmate, family member, long-time friend,
restoration of  ‘bereft self’ occurs deeper, with

        the inward distillation of the
        unique apotheosised characteristics
        of the grieved, ones known only to
        a close and privileged few.

Incorporation awaits
those of witnessed worth; for
others, the last illustrious mantle
departed life bequeathed.





© Gothicman 2023
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