The Fallen.



How many lie, their memory cloaked

in the love that knows them still.

They live on in the petals of a poppy,

carried on the hearts of those they

cannot know, yet gave their lives to save.

© sweetwater 2022
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I love poetry like this, that says so much in a few well chosen words. It is a skill and one you naturally exhibit in so much if your work.
I was going to say “in the heart “
Rather than “on the heart”
then I realised that we wear the poppy pinned to the area of the heart.

What would our fallen think of today’s world I ask myself.
It’s just as well they did not live to see their sacrifices were all in vain ( IMHO)

Good to read you again Sue
Alison x

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Oh I am so sad to hear of your loss. I understand fully. It happened to me when my cat Pushka aged 19, could not cope with my latest move. A sense of disbelief descended, then excrutiating loss. I beat myself up that I had moved after being 15 years in my last house but he had weathered three moves before that. If he had only been able to stay 6 more months to get me over the worst but he was worn out. For three weeks I sat on packing cases waiting for furniture, the garden a windswept reflection… Read more »

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