May life


 May the wind whisper at your back.

May your path be wide.

May your route stay straight and clear.

May you find no fault with others.

May others find no fault with thee.

May life’s journey be joyful and free. 

© munster 2023
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no comments or critique sought.
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I love this. Perfect to have as a quote framed on the wall.


Hi Munster I was very interested to read about you and your dyslexia. My eldest son was (is) dyslexic and left school with one c grade. As you know, dyslexic people are often very gifted as their brains are wired differently, look at Leonardo Da Vinci! My son was able to focus on one thing to the exclusion of all others IF it took his interest. He is now Vice President of Procurement for a global firm. It is great to hear you did not accept your limitations and now help others who otherwise can fall through the net. 🙂… Read more »

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