Letting Things Happen

Tried to a Zen piece

I was walking across a field and saw a man with two spades

I asked him what he was doing

He said he was digging a hole

To the other side of the earth


He offered me a spade

Said he could only dig half a hole

So I stepped into the hole

And I started to dig with him


I asked him why he was doing it

He said because anything is possible

And no one could stop us two

Two men, two spades, two half holes


I asked him where we would end up

He said in the end it did not matter

The act of digging was enough

I agreed so we kept on digging


I asked him what happens if it gets too hot

He said we can take many rests

Drink, take off our shirts , cool down

There is always a solution to a problem


I asked him what if we emerge under the ocean

He said we shall take deep breathes

And swim up to the surface

Don’t lose faith in yourself or your digging

I continued to ask him questions


As we dug the hole in darkness

Retaining faith in our blistering hands

In our spades that were wearing away

We both were living by letting things happen


We had dug into the boundless and made it our home

More days behind than in front now

And we knew we would soon see light

We finally became aware of the end


Breaking through and sitting for a while

At the opposite side of the earth

He said goodbye to me and left

I went for food, water and two new spades


The woman in the shop asked me what I was doing

I said I was going to dig half a hole

To the other side of the earth

And I offered her a spade and asked her to come and dig the other half

© Vim 2023
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Interesting, and very surreal. Still pondering on what the meaning is.


Love this


A very interesting poem. I took it as a metaphor about life. We just keep digging and live in the moment. Two people are better than one going through the rigours alone. I often think of how brave we actually are in the obstacle race of life. Non of us know what monkey wrench will be thrown in our wheels, what tragedies we may have to confront, yet we just keep digging knowing nobody gets out of this alive in the end. The poem spoke to me of how we have the ability to encourage others too in perseverance. I… Read more »

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