end to end


the darkness covering
debris of darknesses,
a jeopardizing journey where
destruction is the destiny;

despite inventions, discoveries,
changing versions of technologies,
notwithstanding volumes
of novels and stories
pouring from the fertile spirit;
the crippled mind is lagging far
behind, as a homicidal habit;

blind, it cannot see the light,
it refuses to see the end,
the world in peril, as a trend
it’s taking notes with tools like
pens, papers, and pencils
forming and deforming words;
the gap between intentions
and actions causing multiple
earthquakes, volcanoes, wars,
forests on fire tonsured;

we seem to be in love with
enlightenment but invariably
choose the false friend,
the most trusted darkness
in full cognizance

the sun, the moon, and
the other stars, unable
to save the disintegrating
planet; we’re all united
to molest the matchless nest
the shelter we didn’t discover,
it was a gifted toy
we’re eager to destroy

© supratik 2023
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